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Artificial vs natural ripening

Mangoes are delicious fruits that are loved by many people around the world. Sadly, artificial ripening of mangoes is a common practice in many parts of the world. This process involves the use of chemicals to speed up the ripening process of mangoes, allowing them to be sold at a faster rate. While this method may seem convenient for farmers and retailers, it can have negative consequences for consumers and the environment. The most common chemical used in artificial ripening is calcium carbide, which is a highly reactive substance that produces acetylene gas when it comes into contact with water. This gas accelerates the ripening process of mangoes by breaking down the starches and converting them into sugars. However, the...

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Alphonso Mangoes, the King of Fruits and for good reason

Alphonso Mangoes are often referred to as the king of fruits, and for good reason. They are incredibly delicious, juicy, and refreshing. Among the various types of mangoes that exist, Alphonso mangoes are considered the most sought-after and prized variety.

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